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We are all about madly in love couples and the wild planet we live on, too vague?

We couldn’t decide between photographing couples and our love for landscapes so the obvious choice was to dedicate ourselves to both!

We specialize in wedding/portrait photography and we let our passion for the outdoors shine through in our work. If you can photograph a bald eagle or a bison you can photograph a bride and groom, right?

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Interested in photos of bison and bald eagles? Feel free to check out our print store under Nature by DNA.

Getting hitched?

Check out our wedding packages and portfolio here. It's important that you love our work and feel like we can make a connection. Having a good relationship with your vendors makes all the difference, especially the ones that can also photograph, not just your wedding, but every important life event (we have packages for that too). Fill out our wedding contact form here to get into direct contact with us. We are available 24/7 for our couples!

Interested in our print shop?

We've made it pretty clear so far that we love wildlife and landscape photography. Check out all the landscapes and animals we've crossed in our travels. Our shop offers so many options for wall art and prints. Put some adventure on your walls or give them as a gift. Everyone loves an occasional escape from reality. Browse the endless options here


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When you can't decide between weddings & Nature, you do both.

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