Our Story

It all started with the love of nature. We both met with a shared affinity for all things outdoors. Capturing its beauty got us into the art of photography. After being asked by countless friends to take our skills to portraits & events we came to a realization - we live for being with people in their most cherished moments. We continued on to study photography everyday and took our educations academic with the New York Institute of Photography. Now our mission is simple... to create photographs that bring you back to that moment in time when the sun was warm on your face or the rain dripped from your hair. We are New York based photographers but we know no bounds! Traveling is one of the staples our business so don't be shy to ask about any destination. We value our shooting style where we take the intimacy of candids and the elegance of fine art photography and develop an album you'll hold close forever (or at least admire on your mantle forever). And now is the part where we tell you all the super interesting things that make us who we are!    

Alyson Potter

I am a woman of many nicknames Al, Aly, Aly cat, and my personal favorite Ol' Al (this is already so interesting right?) And if I'm being honest I really don't like introducing myself but I think its super important that we get to know our clients and vise versa. Before photography I worked as short order cook for 8 years and it wasn't until I met Dan when he got a job as a waiter at the same diner I worked at and introduced me to photography and I quickly fell head over heels for both. I left the kitchen (cue woman joke) for a life of passion and people. These are a few things that make me human... My loyal beast Clark, the 17lb cat, who is everything soft and pure in this world and my muse. I live for sarcasm and I think Alanis Morissette rocks. Legends oF The Fall is my favorite movie of all time and red is my favorite color but you wouldn't think so looking at my wardrobe. I spend a lot of time outdoors which has shaped me into the tent loving, snowboarding, mountain climbing, photographing woman I am today. 

Dan Turrisi

My name is Dan. I studied Biology in college, and after graduating I picked up my first digital camera. I was fascinated with (and still am) the idea of shooting macro photography of insects and flowers. Unlocking new worlds. That eventually snowballed in wanting to take photos of everything. Now Al and I try to bring our cameras everywhere and provide people with a new perspective on their surroundings. I have an affinity for music, tech and the outdoors, and luckily photography is cohesive with all of it. Al and I love to learn, and we are constantly improving our craft in the pursuit of creating art. 



“Let me start of by stating that I never leave a review. Ever. But, wow. My husband and I hired DNA photography to photograph one of the most important days of our lives. And we were not disappointed. They absolutely blew us away with their creativity, skill and professionalism. Our wedding was beautifully and creatively captured. We were speechless as the photos exceeded our expectations (and I feel like that’s an understatement).”


where are you guys willing to go?

In a word, anywhere! We travel all throughout New York and we are always ready for a destination. Travel fees will be baked into the price

How long before I get my shots?

We pride ourselves on being quicker than the rest. We will process your images and deliver them to you in a digital format within TWO WEEKS. Can't beat that.

why can't I have the photos right away?

Without getting too technical, photos straight out of camera are in RAW format. These files are not viewable with conventional software, so they must be edited and exported.

what is post processing?

Post processing is the editing that takes place after the photos are shot. It is meticulous and it is time-consuming, but it is where we derive our style and feel. We love it as much as we love shooting the actual photos.

"why are photographers so expensive?"

Both of us asked this question before we were fully immersed in the world of photography. Now we wholly understand, and we know others are curious too. The equipment used is very expensive and the knowledge required to use it takes years to garner. A lot of work goes into it - not only during the shoot itself but afterwards as well. The editing process is long, and we carefully scrutinize each individual image before delivery. You will know what we mean once you get your photos.

Do you do video?

We specialize in stills. Video and the editing behind it is a whole other animal, and we can link you up with someone who practices it exclusively.

We will get back to you within 24 hours.