Finally! The world is starting to spin again, and with that our calendars are getting some attention. When Savannah reached out to us for an impromptu engagement shoot in Lake George, we packed our bags and headed to the Adirondack's. We're weren't about to let an opportunity to camp and shoot slip through our fingers.

This blog is all about Savannah & Mike, their story, and the awesome shoot they had planned; including, but not limited to, canoes, a gorgeous bouquet, and one soaking wet, but madly in love, couple.

Next weeks blog will be the camping side of this trip. All the gear and all the chipmunks, so check it out if you're interested on how Dan and I plan our camping trips and what we consider "essentials"

This trip wasn't chosen just because of the beautiful scenery and remote location. This lake is special to Savannah & Mike. Savannah has been coming to Trout Lake for most of her life with her family and this shoot was absolutely saturated with love and nostalgia. This shoot is also a perfect example of how a little weather isn't such a bad thing so when you see rain on the forecast don't panic! A light shower can make your shoot unique and even more endearing.

Maybe growing up on a lake makes me biased but there is a quiet beauty in isolated lakes and it's our absolute favorite. Although, in reality these lakes are rich with the euphonious cacophony of amphibians and slapping beaver tails. Either way, as Savannah and Mike paddled away, Dan and I were shuttled on a boat with Savannah's family to follow in pursuit, leading us to the most lush part of the lake. Dig those greens!

They were even daring enough to give a quick stand and kiss. Little did we know what Savannah had in store.

After looking through that gallery I want you to know one thing... Mike does not like the water very much. You KNOW that's true love when you're willing to flip a canoe, in a lake, in the rain, in your clothes... and he did so in such grace. Pulling off some serious Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams vibes, I might add. It's always worth it for the shot but the dedication is what was really impressive here. Thanks for making our creative dreams come true, Savannah and Mike! You guys rock.

I would like to tribute this post to Savannah's brother Taylor John, who passed before his time. Tj was a wonderful friend of ours and too so many, he was also an outstanding brother. He will always be remembered. We wrote this blog with Tj in our thoughts and we know he was all around us at the lake him and Savannah grew up and where we photographed her and Mikes engagement shoot. He is in the air we breath and the wind that blows. Its moments and shoots like these that make us grateful for what we do for a living and the people we get to connect with. Photographing Savannah and Mike was an absolute privilege. We can't wait for the wedding!