I've been trying to find the right words to scope how important this shoot was. Fortunately I'm a photographer, not an author, so I'll let these photos speak for themselves. Dan and I are two halves of one business so when these blogs are written they come from both of us, however, this blog is an exception. Jaclyn is easily my oldest and dearest friend so don't be surprised when you're reading this if you think "wow Alyson really loves this chick" because I do. This post is about Jaclyn and her amazing counter part, Miguel, and his beautiful family but I will continually gush about Jaclyn, so that's your fair warning.

This blog post is about Jaclyn and Miguel, I swear, but first let me take your down the road of Jaclyn and Alyson. It'll be the short cut, the whole story would take longer than any of us have to spare.

Our story starts where most childhood friendships start in he 90s, in our neighborhood. Growing up in a suburb neighborhood is something I'll never take for granted and at the at the pinnacle of our youth (around age 5) Jaclyn and I crossed paths. Quite literally... we met on a walk with our moms and it was love ever since. Honestly, we were more trouble than anything if you asked our parents. Donned the nicknames Heckel and Jeckle for good reason, we were in trouble by the first sleepover and not much has changed. Check out the link for a little background on Heckle and Jackle if you're not fluent in cartoons from the 40's Heckle and Jeckle History.

From the first we were inseparable and although time changes most, there is no amount of time or distance that can tarnish that. A friendship like that is one to be cherish for it comes around not so often.

Ok, now that I got that out of my system I can focus on the real story here.. Jaclyn, Miguel, his family, and the beautiful future they have together.

Miguel was truly sneaky in the proposal to his betrothed. I say that only because the only people that knew was Jaclyns family, which is a surefire way to keep it a secret and I respect that. Seeing Jaclyn that happy is one of the greatest joys of my life, I'm sure Miguel and her family felt the same.

Miguel, being the father of two beautiful and outstanding kids, is proof enough to know my best friend is going to be well taken care of. It only made sense that Mindy and Steven be apart of this day and this shoot, they're a couple of the most important and special parts of their relationship. Not to mention how photogenic they are.

Photographing these guys was truly an honor and a privilege. Even though I won't be photographing her wedding I know the person who will is going to do a brilliant job because a love like theirs is nothing short of perfectly imperfect. Besides.. my job that day will be much more important, standing by your side at the end of the alter. Congratulations to my girl and Miguel and congratulations to his kids who are gaining a kick-ass stepmom. Dan and I wish them all the love & happiness in the world.