Now things get pretty interesting with this one... Ryan & Nora’s wedding was straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie - including pamphlets titled “Once Upon A Time on October 11th 2020”. Everything about their wedding was unique - designed by them for them, which as far as I’m concerned, is how it should be. Their day was all about entertainment and they had some awesome things planned for their guests - hence the pamphlet.

We started the day at the home of Ryan & Nora where them and all of their loved ones were getting ready and enjoying some morning libations before a long day.

Ryan & Nora decided they wanted to do a first look right down the road from where they live, luckily their home is quite the labyrinth so avoiding any sneaky peaks was fairly simple. When Dan and I have the pleasure of working with a couple like this we know off the bat that photos are extremely important to them. Some couples are luke warm about photos (which is fine) but with a suit and dress like that, the importance of photographs was paramount and they both knew what kind of shots they wanted with a shot list and examples included.

Not every couple has a vision (which again, is fine) but as photographers and artists when our couples have a certain style or vibe in mind you better believe we’ll make that vision a reality. The same goes for couples who don’t have vision - on top of being photographers and artists we’re also directors but when a couple comes to us with a slide show of inspiration... like Ryan & Nora, you know you’re working with people who know what they want.

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster, NY. Their vows were funny, intimate, sweet, and full of so much personality, which was amplified even more by Noras mom who was also their officiant. Dan and I always recommend having a friend or family member be your officiant, it adds a sense of comfort and familiarity.

The reception was held in a rustic and warmly lit barn on the property and was a Pinterest sensation. After all the wedding and bridal formals were finished it was time for the long awaited first dance ...and tequila shots. It should go without saying that Ryan and Noras wedding party had coordinated entrance performances - and I say performance because dancing just doesn’t do it justice.

The dance from dirty dancing may have been involved and it may have been with the groom and his groomsmen.

How many weddings have you attended where the bride and groom give out awards to their guests? None? Us either until Ryan & Noras wedding.

From best smile to most adventurous all the bridesmaids and groomsmen went home with a gift bag and award - how cool and fun is that? - I know I’m asking a lot of questions here. At this point last year dancing wasn’t an option so Ryan and Nora supplemented that by setting up old school arcade games and a rather large TV with the game on - obviously.

They also arranged for a Ben and Jerry truck to come and serve that delicious frozen dessert for everyone. Ryan was wearing a tweed suit and Nora had a lavender rose wedding dress so why in the world would they settle for a traditional wedding cake - they wouldn’t! They settled on ice cream and a drool worthy donut wall.

The beauty about weddings these days is that it does NOT have to be traditional, wear that dress you want, give out awards, set up arcade games, get matching donut tattoos, do whatever it is that is going to make it the best day of your lives.

Congratulations to Ryan and Nora! We hope you guys are still feeding each other donuts when you’re old, maybe even chewing it up for each other.

Venue - Tilley Foster Farm

Flowers - Carmel Flower Shop