This being one of our first weddings we have A LOT of feeling about these guys, so strap in...

What is one of the most important things about wedding photography, you ask?

Connecting with your clients! Dan and I were fortunate enough to already have a connection with Jenny & Nick before they chose us to photograph their wedding. We're also very fortunate because not only is Jenny drop dead gorgeous but Nicks life long love for motorcycles inspired some bad ass photos. Do yourself a favor and check them out below (you're welcome in advance)

The point of a wedding is obvious... to join two people in holy matrimony, but like this wedding proves, there is so much more happening here than just the joining of a house. There is food, dancing, drinking, but overall you have everyone you care about all in one place (post social distancing obv).

Take a break from your work day or not work day and give yourself something beautiful to look at for awhile. We're going to take you through our day with Jenny and Nick.

First lets take a look at the bride herself

Jenny is one of a kind and we were absolutely spoiled with how down to earth she is. Like I said this was one of our first weddings and I would be a liar if I said we weren't a little nervous, ya know? But working with her made our job easy. It was truly a pleasure to be there.

Side note* Jenny's shoe strap was too big for her dainty ankles but being the she-woman that I am, I had a multi-tool on me and punctured the custom holes. Not today shoe strap! Not today!

Lesson: ALWAYS carry a multi-tool

And without further ado... the motorcycles, and Nick

While I was with Jenny and her bridesmaids in the City, Dan was with the groomsmen in the Hudson Valley getting ready to follow them up the Hudson River to Pier 81. Dan trailed the caravan of Harley's and Indians to the yacht that Jenny and Nick would be married on, which by the way, was just another unique factor about this wedding. Nick is not just a master on the open road, he's also apt in open water. He's just at home on a ship as he is in his garage.

*All photos were taken safely

Now that you've met the bride and groom I must mention the real star of the show... they call him the ham sandwich Mr. Nick jr. I must advocate for the nickname because Jenny and Nicks son is truly a little ham sandwich. uhg. so cute.

So at this point we have taken the bridal portraits (they're coming don't worry) and have successfully made it onto the yacht and into the bridal sweet before Dan and the groomsmen arrive at the pier. Jenny was super lax about pretty much everything but if there was one thing she wanted it was to make sure it was that Nick didn't see her till she walked down the aisle. So it probably goes without saying with the help of her mother and amazing bridesmaids no brides were seen before the ceremony. *score*

Before I get to the big "I do" check out some portraits of the bride and groom

Now i'm going to take you on a visual journey through the next few hours of their night. You may need tissues. This is the part that Jenny has put hours into planning and the part where Nick waits anxiously, but with a gentleman's patience, at the end of an aisle. As the sun sets on the skyscrapers of Manhattan in the Upper New York Bay, before everyone they love, Jenny and Nick literally "tie the knot" Now I know we're not the only suckers for sailor knots.

And after the knots have been tied and the rings have been exchanged its finally time to celebrate!

So we headed below deck for lobster and cake.

We can honestly say from he very bottom of our hearts that we enjoyed every second photographing this wedding. It was our first lesson that when you connect with your clients you have the opportunity to not only enjoy yourself but immures yourself in all the raw emotion going on which is fuel for beautiful photographs. When you're passionate, and you work with great people, the photos speak for themselves.

We wish Jenny & Nick all the luck in the world and can't wait to work with them the future.

Thank you so much for reading!

We will have new blog posts every Wednesday so be sure to check in next week, we hope its a good one.