Okay, I’ll start by letting you know Lynda & David met in law school. Talk about a power couple Am i right? Both of them being lawyers i would love to be a fly on the wall for those arguments. However, after seeing them together its a wonder if they ever fight. They literally COULDN'T be more perfect for EACH OTHER and we consider ourselves so lucky to have photographed their wedding.

The "getting ready" portion of the day is perhaps our favorite, all the EXCITEMENT in the air is nothing short of inspirational. One of the advantages of having a dude as your partner is that we get to split up and catch both perspectives. Watching the progression (and how much quicker the boys get ready) is the perfect segway to the big moment.

LYNDA TOOK THE ROUTE OF DOING A FIRST LOOK but WITH HER FATHER INSTEAD OF DAVID. IT WAS ONE OF THE SWEETEST THINGS i've ever had the pleasure of photographing - one of those "man, i love my job" moments.

They said the words (you know the words) they've been waiting to say while over looking the mighty Hudson River, during a picture perfect sunset. which was definitely a selish pleasure aslo, But on a serious note - this day was not what they originally planned due to *puase for ANTICIPATION* covid. That did not stop them from celebrating in the best and safest way, their wedding was nothing short of perfect.


Venue - Abbey inn & spa


Hair & Makeup - NU-IMAGE, Suste Gliniecki


Music - New York ceremony music


dress - Virginia's bridal, maggie sottero


floral- SOLA Wood florist