Where to begin with Steve and Dyna... I suppose I should start by saying that we've never met a more genuine couple of people. When we say nothing can rain on their parade, we mean it quite literally - it ruthlessly down-poured on their reception which was, of course, outside. They took this as an opportunity to dance in the rain and it was such a pleasure to watch and document.

Today was one of those days were you could cut through the air with a steak knife - Anyone from the hudson vally knows these summer days and it was a hot one to say the least. The kind of heat right before the sky opens up (which i'll get to in a bit) not to mention there was no a/c at the time due to covid restrictions... so it was very cozy in there.

my grand point in all that is there was nothing but ear to ear smiles. Nothing but steve & dyna mattered, not even the sweat running down my back. They were beautiful in every way, from the hand written vows to the candle lighting. it was frankly hard to see out of my view finder through the tears.

In the midst of the reception you could see the storm brewing in the distance. The ceremony was held inside, however, the reception was under tents in the venues courtyard. The rain came swift and sideways, but it honestly didn't matter one bit. Everyone took it as an OPPORTUNITY to start dancing away with a couple inches of water underfoot. Like all storms they come and go and after the rain came a legendary sunset.

This wedding would have been perfect no matter the situation because at the end of the day we were there to celebrate Steve and Dyna and thats exactly what we did.


venue - The Riverview


Hair & Makeup - Jeanette Torres


Florals - Alexa flower shop


Dj/entertainment - Dj menyu, Ricky Quintana


Dress/Suit - Davids Bridal / San Marco tuxedo